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Tesis Doctorales

Ezbakhe, F. (2019)
Decision analysis under uncertainity for sustainable development
Lazzarini, B. (2019)
Factors affecting the engagement of academics of engineering studies towards sustainable development
Arranz-Piera, P. (2018)
Prospects of distributed electricity generation and services based on small scale biomass systems in Ghana
Kacani, J. (2017)
Same industry, same host territory, different evolution paths : breaking the FDI trap in the clothing industry: a case study from clothing manufacturing enterprises in Albania
Giné-Garriga, R. (2015)
Monitoring Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services: Developing tools and methods to measure sustainable access and practice at the local level
Flores-Baquero, Ó. (2015)
Development of methods for monitoring the water and sanitation sector at different scales through human rights lenses
Yacoub, C. (2013)
Developing tools to evaluate the environmental status of Andean basins with mining activities
Andújar-Larios, A. (2012)
Modelo de investigación y análisis para mercados químico industriales en los nuevos entornos de globalización y deslocalización
Pérez-Fortes, M. (2011)
Conceptual design of alternative energy systems from biomass
Reyes-Cisneros, M. (2010)
La desregulación eléctrica y la utilización de instrumentos derivados para la redistribución del riesgo: Caso mexicano
Jiménez-Fernández de Palencia, A. (2010)
Key challenges in the governance of rural water supply: lessons learnt from Tanzania