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How we do

We approach reality from the intersections between research, education and international cooperation for development and humanitarian aid.

The research group has a research for action spirit: innovative analysis and interventions that operate in specific problematic contexts and withe active participation of experts. The approach not only allows theoretical analysis and methodological proposals, but also facilitates the evaluation of its implementation and its use with other experts and non-expert actors.

We actively promote the use of scientific results to support peoples' human and sustainable development.

Our research and academic specialization focuses on the priorities of Global Development – poverty eradication, quality of life, sustainable growth, management of natural resources, human rights, justice, peace and security – and its challenges – eradication of poverty, climate change, sustainable environment and human development. 

The role of water, sanitation and energy stands out when addressing the Sustainable Development Goals: Meeting the basic needs of the population, promoting economic progress and responding to the demands of the productive sectors, as well as ensuring environmental health and sustainable management of natural resources.

We are currently working on specific lines of research that share common goals and approaches:

  • Multidisciplinary applied research, with foundations based on applied mathematics, experimental sciences and technology.
  • National and international research and networking projects.
  • Innovative contracts with agencies, governments and NGOs.